ZX Spectrum browser for forums and imageboards

You are welcome to contribute by adding support for websites or simply starring the project.

Spectranet is required (or can be emulated in Es.pectrum or Fuse).

ZX Spectrum Browser

Public TNFS

You can configure your spectranet to boot at:



Emulator How To Enable
Es.pectrum (Windows) Select, Options->Hardware, check “Spectranet”, do steps described above
Fuse Emulator Peripherials->Spectranet, open snapshot (see Releases), NMI->Configure network->Change IP & Gateway, do steps described above

Required hardware

Because speccy does not support any internet connectivity by default, with physical device you’ll need Spectranet Cartridge. It may be pricey and hard to get, but please support the manufacturer as it’s a very Niche product.


Install docker image of the Hub proxy like so:

docker run -d --tmpfs /channels/hub/bin/cache -p 9493:9493 -p 16384:16384/udp -it desertkun/channels-hub:latest

The proxy will double up as TNFS server so you can simply configure your client (%fsconfig) to connect to computer that hosts the Hub.

Make sure ports 9493 (tcp) and 16384 (udp) are accessible to the client.

Alternatively, you can build the proxy yourself from the sources.

Source code

You can see the source code on GitHub.